The 8 most beautiful villages of Lake Garda

In our imagination, when we think of Lake Garda we imagine it as a mirror of water and many lakeside walks ... Nothing more different from reality!
Lake Garda is a territory that has as much beauty on its shores as it has inland; and it is precisely this that we want to talk to you today, of the less famous but no less beautiful wonders that are really located a few kilometers from the most famous places on Lake Garda. Let's discover together the most evocative villages, some even counted in the ranking of "the most beautiful villages in Italy" or chosen as "Unesco Heritage".

Here they are ... 8 VILLAGES NOT TO BE MISSED in the hinterland of Lake Garda:

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, it is certainly the best known hamlet of Valeggio sul Mincio, for various historical, landscape and monumental reasons. Borghetto still maintains the characteristic aspect of the "medieval village" intact, underlined by the presence of the bell tower, the wheels of the water mills and the fortresses of the Visconteo Bridge.
The scenic presence of the Scaligero Castle in the background, the small shops, the outstanding food and wine gift with the famous "love knots" to be tasted, undoubtedly make Borghetto a popular tourist destination. You can easily reach Borghetto by car from Borgo Romantico following the direction for Peschiera del Garda (15 min. By car).
REASON TO VISIT BORGHETTO SUL MINCIO: Feel part of a painting among the colors of nature that mix with the stone and the ever-flowing river.

The small town of Ferrara di Monte Baldo, which sits in a panoramic position on the eastern side of Monte Baldo, offers an alpine environment of great scenic and naturalistic interest.
The town can be reached starting from Borgo Romantico towards Caprino Veronese (30 min. By car).
In the territory of Ferrara di Monte Baldo stands what has been called "the most daring sanctuary in Italy": the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona.
Every year thousands of pilgrims reach the Sanctuary, as well as many tourists, Italians and foreigners. To find yourself in front of its entrance doors, it is necessary to go through a specific, decidedly panoramic path that is called the "Path of Hope".
REASON TO VISIT FERRARA DI MONTE BALDO: Pilgrimages to the Madonna della Corona Sanctuary


Those who venture into the Alto Garda area for the first time cannot remain immune to the charm of Tremosine, the Strada della Forra, known throughout the world for its extraordinary beauty and uniqueness, and the famous "terrace of the thrill", area panoramic view overlooking the lake. Tremosine is located on the Lombard shore and can be reached from Borgo Romantico following the direction for Riva del Garda, Limone (1 hour and 30 min. By car).
Tremosine boasts the inscription on the list of the "most beautiful villages in Italy": a well-deserved recognition for this extensive area immersed in the tranquility of nature and overlooking the lake allowing the eye to disperse in the blue of the waters. Tremosine is made famous in the world for a phrase by Winston Churchill who defined the Strada della Forra as the 8th wonder of the world.
REASON TO VISIT TREMOSINE SUL GARDA: The breathtaking view overlooking Lake Garda and being able to travel along the Strada della Forra.


Famous for being one of the most beautiful terraces on Lake Garda, it is located in the Veneto area a few kilometers from Bardolino and Lazise. Visiting San Zeno di Montagna means not only taking home one of the most beautiful photos of Lake Garda, but also walking through the districts and huts, olive trees, chestnut trees and beech woods, history, culture and traditions.
Trekking excursions of medium difficulty also depart from San Zeno, leading to small mountain resorts such as Lumini and Prada.
Not to be missed, the Chestnut Festival is held from mid-October to early November, an occasion in which you can taste dishes based on chestnuts, and get the Marroni di San Zeno at the stands (30 min. By car from Borgo Romantico).
REASON TO VISIT SAN ZENO DI MONTAGNA: Take the most beautiful panoramic photos of Lake Garda


Medieval village that rises 600 meters high on the hills overlooking the Trentino side of Lake Garda, it can be reached starting from the Borgo Romantico following the direction for Riva del Garda (1 hour and 30 min. By car).
Fully registered in the association "The most beautiful villages in Italy", Canale di Tenno preserves intact the original urban layout, consisting of four streets that converge in the square, a large number of stone houses and the characteristic envelopes, which connect the houses to each other. Some of these houses are decorated with frescoes, mostly modern. Canale di Tenno has been chosen as a residence by many artists since the first post-war period and today it has about 50 inhabitants and is experiencing a season of recovery thanks to tourism, who seek the location also because they are attracted by the crystalline waters of the nearby lake of Tenno.
REASON TO VISIT CANALE DI TENNO: Experience the quiet of the Borgo and feel part of a time that has stood still for a century.


Over time it has remained one of the most characteristic villages of Trentino and has been included among "The most beautiful villages in Italy". Rango can be reached by car starting from Borgo Romantico following the direction for Riva del Garda (1 hour and 30 min. By car). Di Rango will not fascinate the structure of the town with its ancient houses leaning against each other and connected by arcades, hallways and internal courtyards, it recalls that of the fortified villages. A visit to the 15th century parish church is not to be missed. During the Christmas period, a colorful Christmas market is held in the houses and hallways of the village, certainly one of the most special in Europe.
REASON TO VISIT RANGO: During the Christmas period, visiting its market will make the trip a memory that will remain indelible for a long time.


The village stands on a small hill overlooking a heart-shaped lake and is easily reachable from Borgo Romantico following the direction for Peschiera del Garda (20 min. By car).
The lake and the castle, dating back to 1100-1200, give the name to the small village that is part of the association of the most beautiful villages in Italy and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Everything deserves to be discovered when you pass the entrance door of the walls that welcomes this visit. Some magazines say of this village: "Leave all worries or you who enter ..." and that's right, it is as if you have entered another dimension, perhaps the same as in past times, in quiet and slowness.
REASON TO VISIT CASTELLARO LAGUSELLO: Experience the quiet and eat the typical "Capunsèi", a long dumpling mixed with breadcrumbs and parmesan and cooked in broth, really tasty.


Placed on a summit and narrow around the parish church, it is made with the same stone on which it rests, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. San Giorgio is in the ranking of "The most beautiful villages in Italy" and can be reached by car starting from Borgo Romantico following the direction Verona - Valpolicella (30 min. By car). The continuity between the houses and its promontory is something really exciting: there is no border between the town and nature, the places to see in the village are: The Pieve and the archaeological area of the Iron Age.
REASON TO VISIT SAN GIORGIO: In this place you can taste some of the most important wines of Italy such as "Valpolicella", "Ripasso", "Recioto" and "Amarone".

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