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Lake Garda

Undisputed protagonist of our territory – Lake Garda – the largest lake in Italy. It reaches three regions: Veneto, Lombardy and Trentino Alto Adige.

The lake has been surrounded by populations, eras and cultures, leaving a deep trace that can be noted by visiting the 25 villages that rise along its banks, including Sirmione, Peschiera, Lazise, Bardolino, Garda, Torri and Malcesine. Among castles, breathtaking views, cultural activities and trips by boat or bike, you will have the feeling of having dived into a corner in paradise.

The mild climate will welcome you all year round, accompanying you to discover a corner of the world that is rich in beautiful sights that are to be experienced and enjoyed: try the many local specialties, such as the Black truffle of Baldo, the typical “Fogassa de Cavaion”, the fish of the lake, the Oil of Garda - renowned for its peculiarities - and the local wines, including Bardolino, Lugana and Bianco di Custoza DOC.


Unesco Heritage, Verona is a perfect example of a fortified medieval city, with its town structure that develops between the meandering paths of the Adige river and its seven bridges. Known particularly for the immortal work: “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare, which helped crown it as a city of lovers, Verona also has much more to offer, from the Roman Arena to the Shopping streets, from the significant Castelvecchio to the places of nightlife: here ancient and modern life blend into a romantic and fascinating place.


A splendid city of art in Lombardy, Mantua was elected the Italian Capital of Culture in 2016. It is no wonder it is rich in history, with palaces and works of art that reflect the charm of the Italian Renaissance and its promoters – the Gonzaga family. Visit Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo del Te and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world from Ponte San Giorgio.


Considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice is one of a kind. Among the most powerful Italian Maritime Republics, in centuries of domination over the seas, it has been enriched with unique works of art and architectural masterpieces, such as the Rialto Bridge, the Basilica of San Marco and Palazzo Ducale. Suspended like magic over the lagoon, Venice still retains an ancient atmosphere that gives the illusion that everything has remained still in time. Go along the Grand Canal aboard the characteristic gondola or lose yourself in the alleys to leave the more crowded places and rediscover the authentic life of the place, among suggestive views, rustic places and fish specialties. The island of Burano is also highly recommended


Capital of Lombardy, Milan is the City of Fashion and Design, and one of the most populous metropolitan areas in Europe. There are many activities to do: from paying a visit to the Duomo - a symbol of the city - to the promenade in the Quadrilatero della Moda, from the Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio to the Navigli. Feast your eyes on Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, among the high fashion boutiques, or admire works of art in the rich collection of the Pinacoteca di Brera. History and modernity coexist in this metropolis of many souls. One thing is certain: Italy can be felt every step of the way.


Countryside and vines as far as the eye can see, where Venetian villas, small villages and ancient churches sprout. A name that says it all: one of the most reliable theories derives the name from Vallis polis cellae, which, translated from Latin means “Valleys with many cellars”. It is here in Valpolicella that great Veronese wines derive from, known and loved all over the world, the top of which, Amarone. If you are a wine lover, you cannot miss the Valpolicella Wine Route that will take you, step after step, to discover all the excellences of the area, including hospitality, art and gastronomy.

Opera Festival
Arena di Verona

From the middle of June to the beginning of September, for over 100 years, the notes of the most beautiful Opera Arias resound in Verona, within walls built over 2000 years ago. A unique show in a unique theatre. A great Opera Festival in the largest open-air Opera House in the world.

Opera Preview

For over 20 years, we have been organising a show called “Opera Preview”, in which you have the opportunity of meeting highly skilled opera singers for a nice listening guide, accompanied by wines and typical dishes, prior to the evening show in the Arena. In our Relais or in the most beautiful residences in the centre of Verona. In Italian or in other languages.

MART – Museum of Modern
and Contemporary Art
in Trento and Rovereto

MART was founded in 1987 in Trento and Rovereto and is one of the most important European museums of modern and contemporary art. Over 20,000 works covering 150 years of art history. An immersion in the great artistic trends of the last century, including famous names like Depero, Umberto Boccioni and Giorgio de Chirico. The Museum has three offices, two in Rovereto and one in Trento, and today it is a cultural centre that gives impetus to the Trentino region and local tourism.