Our Commitments



Attention to nature and people has always belonged to us, and we are applying and improving it both in Wine and Oil production and in Hospitality.
Since 2012, for our "Le Tende" winery, we have followed the Organic Method of cultivation and production of Wine and Oil, with ICEA Certification, which excludes the use of synthetic chemicals for plant protection and herbicides and glyphosate.
Since 2019, the year the Relais opened, we have chosen Energy and Environmental Sustainability. To reduce energy consumption, we have equipped ourselves with a 20 Kw photovoltaic system, heat pump, LED lights and home automation in the rooms and common areas. To reduce the consumption of drinking water, we have built a well for irrigation. To reduce the use of plastic, glass and paper, at the pool bar we use compostable glasses, plates, cutlery and straws; in the bathrooms we use dispensers for soap and shampoo, and toilet paper from recycled paper. At the breakfast buffet we have dispensers for jams, honey and more; in the swimming pool and outdoors, we have placed containers for recycling, and so on.
Since 2023, Borgo Romantico has been 100% Green Energy, thanks to an agreement with AGSM Company which manages the nearby wind farms in Adige Valley.


For the Staff

Attention to the Person begins with compliance with the National Labor Contracts for our entire Team. Dining room and kitchen staff are hired with a regular contract between the 5th and 4th level. The Reception staff is hired with a regular contract between the 4th and 1st level. Every overtime hour is paid extra.
The cleaning service is entrusted to a specialized external Company, with which there is continuous and precise collaboration and verification.
We host Students in work training for short periods and, during the summer season, we hire Young residents from Cavaion, to give them the opportunity to start real work experience and receive their first regular salary.

For the Guests
Attention to our Guests is at the heart of our project, with the desire to do everything possible so that they can be happy with having chosen us.
Transparency right from the booking; the quality of the furnishings, the cleanliness and the triple-insulated glazing in the rooms; the quality images in the rooms and common areas. The quality and quantity of raw materials at breakfast, with some organic products. The availability of the Reception for every request and the possibility of booking experiences of all kinds: transfers, tastings, trekking, cycling, sailing, canoeing, rafting, canyoning and more. Last but not least, total freedom of movement throughout the estate, and attention to people with disabilities or special needs.
We are at your disposal, and will do everything possible to meet your expectations.


Together with You, in line with the indications of the Ministry of the Environment, Federalberghi and Italy Hotels, we can still do a lot, starting from reducing water consumption, the use of detergents, the volume of polluting discharges, energy and food waste.

Containment of the use of Water and Detergents

  • In the rooms, towels and bed linen are changed every 3 days, or at each guest change. We therefore ask you to use the towels for three days. If you ask for a change every day, the cost is an additional € 10 per change
  • Turn off the taps when you don’t need running water: for example while brushing your teeth or soaping yourself in the shower
  • In general, leave the taps on only when you actually need running water
  • At the pool, use your bath towel. If you don't have it, ask at the Pool Bar and don't use more than one a day
  • If you notice a leak, notify the reception immediately.
Containment of the use of Gas and Electricity
  • The heating system can be switched on for a limited number of hours per day
  • The average temperature in winter, in the rooms and common areas, cannot exceed 20° centigrade of medium
  • The average temperature in summer, in the rooms and in the common areas, cannot go below 26° centigrade
  • We will therefore turn on the heating and air conditioning from 6:00am to 11:00pm, respecting the above
  • When you leave the room, close all windows and remove your badge from the badge holder. In this way, you cut off the lighting but the air conditioning and the minibar remain active. With open windows the conditioning stops.
Containment of Food waste
  • At breakfast, take the food you like, little by little. This will make you take a few more steps, but it will help us not waste food
  • At lunch, you have plenty of time to order the dishes you like, avoiding consuming excess food
  • Don't bring food from outside; our staff is at your disposal and we are responsible for what enters and leaves the Relais
Attention to Nature and to the Person
  • At the pool bar and in your room, anything that looks like plastic is actually compostable. Don't put it in the plastic container
  • Use the appropriate containers for any waste in paper, plastic, glass, etc
  • Avoid noise and shouts and pay attention to your children, for their safety and to ensure peace and relaxation for everyone
  • Keep pets on a leash, because children may be afraid of them, and clean up where they get dirty. Let's not take them to the pool area, to ensure maximum cleanliness where pepole walk barefoot

In this way, we will contribute together for the protection of the Environment and the satisfaction of each Guest..
Thanking you for your attention, we remind you that the Reception is always at your disposal for any information, doubt or question.

Thanks for your collaboration.
Silvano Dalla Valentina, Hotel Manager